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Lasix is ​​a proprietary diuretic, patented by Sanofi. Its cost can significantly exceed the cost of Lasix generics. Before you proceed with your online purchase, you can compare the average retail prices:

In different online pharmacies, the cost of Lasix can be higher or lower than the average retail price. Some online pharmacies show the cost of this diuretic, taking into account the discounts that they offer.

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Generic Lasix 40 mg

To date, there are many Lasix 40 mg generics. They are produced under the generic name Furosemide, or under the brands Tebemid, Urex, Lo-Aqua, Salinex, Diurazol and Frusenex.

  • The pharmaceutical company West-Ward produces Lasix 40 mg generics in two dosage forms: oral solution and tablets.
  • Analogue of Lasix 40 mg in the form of injections is available under the generic name Furosemide by Hospira.

Lasix 40 mg generics in the form of tablets are manufactured and supplied to the world market by Amneal, Intl Medication, Arrow, GlaxoSmithKline, Avanstra, Watson, Teva, Kalapharm, Biomed, Warner Chilcott, Mylan, and Sandoz.

Generic Lasix 100 mg

The only branded generic of Lasix 100 mg tablets is Frusenex. It is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Geno. Lasix generics as intravenous injections of 100 mg/10 ml are produced by such companies, as:

  • Pfizer
  • Hospira
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • American regent

Generics of Lasix 100 mg/10 ml in the form of oral solution are not produced nowadays. However, if this dosage form is the most convenient for you, you can buy the original oral solution Lasix 100 mg/10 ml in an online pharmacy.