If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective diuretic drug, you can choose Furosemide. This drug exerts a powerful diuretic effect within 60 minutes after the first dose. The drug is available on the market for more than 50 years and is usually inexpensive.

Furosemide has long been used in medical practice and has established itself not only as an effective, but also as a safe diuretic (water pills). Today, you can buy Furosemide in any country in the world and quickly remove excess fluid from the body.

Lasix 20 Mg

Thanks to the powerful diuretic effect, Furosemide pills are effective against:

  • Hypertension
  • Edema

Furosemide tablets are manufactured in three strengths of dosage – 20 mg, 40 mg and 80 mg. Tablets are taken on an empty stomach with plenty of water. At the beginning of the treatment course, Furosemide is used in small doses, which can be increased gradually.

  • The usual initial dose for adults is 20-40 mg per day.
  • If the disease is moderate or severe, an initial daily dose of 80 mg can be used.
  • Doses of 80 mg or more are better divided into several intakes.

Elderly patients should take Furosemide with caution. It is better to begin treatment with the use of small doses. This is due to the fact that elderly patients are especially prone to risk of side effects.

Furosemide should not be taken with any medications or food supplements, even those that are available without a prescription.

  • Furosemide taken with potassium salts can cause hyperkalemia.
  • Use in combination with other water pills can cause hypokalemia.
  • Vasodilators, nitrates, anxiolytics and hypnotics enhance the hypotensive effect of Furosemide.
  • Combination with alcohol can cause blurred vision, dizziness and decreased mental activity.

Furosemide can be used in combination with other medications, for example, during the treatment of severe hypertension. However, if you want the treatment to be as safe as possible, Furosemide should be taken only with those medications that your doctor or pharmacist recommends.

Before you buy Furosemide tablets, you can ask the pharmacist about the side effects of this drug. During the treatment period with this diuretic, dizziness, fatigue, thirst, dry mouth, frequent defecation, vomiting, constipation and other adverse reactions are possible.

Furosemide and many other diuretic drugs are known for specific side effects, such as confusion, muscle cramps, obstruction of the intestine due to paralysis of the intestinal muscles or loss of appetite. This is due to the fact that the diuretic removes magnesium, potassium, calcium and other electrolytes from our body.

Stop taking Furosemide tablets, if any of these unlikely and serious adverse reactions appear – loss of consciousness, allergic reaction, allergy aggravated or severe cardiac arrhythmia.

To reduce the risks of side effects, take the diuretic drug strictly as prescribed. Manifestation of untoward medical occurrence is not a cause for concern and usually does not interfere with normal activities.

If you buy Furosemide, you will get safe and time-tested water pills. Despite the impressive list of side effects, most of them are mild and wear off in a few hours after the dosing. The reactions sometimes disappear within a few days, until the body adjusts to the diuretic.

Furosemide tablets are safe and can be recommended for long-term use. Many people who use Furosemide for a long time are interested in buying an inexpensive diuretic.

Furosemide first appeared on the market in 1966. It is called Lasix and is supplied by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi. Perhaps, it is the most famous Furosemide-containing diuretic in the world.

Branded drugs are usually more expensive than those sold under the international non-proprietary name, and Lasix is ​​no exception. As a rule, Lasix costs more than the pills called “Furosemide”.

Today, Furosemide is produced and marketed by dozens of pharmaceutical companies, including Mylan, Sandoz, West-Ward, Wockhardt, Sun, Rosemont, Accord and Pinewood. The price of Furosemide tablets, supplied by different companies, is different.

By choosing any of these drugs, even the cheapest of them, you will get the treatment that your doctor prescribed. Such drugs are bioequivalent to each other and treat edema or hypertension with equal efficacy.

Bioequivalence means that the drugs have the same rate of absorption of the active substance Furosemide into the bloodstream. Drugs meet the same quality standards, are similar in safety and benefits from use, as the brand drug is.

If you want to find Furosemide at the lowest price, use the services of the online pharmacies. Such pharmacies collaborate with various suppliers of diuretics, have large sales volumes and offer the best prices for Furosemide.

Today, everyone can buy Furosemide online, even those who do not have a vast online shopping experience. User0friendly pharmacy service allows you to order Furosemide online in just a few minutes without leaving your home.