Lasix 40mg

If you want to know how to correctly and safely take Lasix 40 mg tablets, you can familiarize yourself with this review. You can also find out where to buy Lasix and how to save money on it.

Lasix belongs to a class of drugs, known as diuretic drugs (water pills). The drug has a powerful diuretic effect and is used when a person needs fast diuresis to:

  • Treat edema (swelling), manifested in the hands, legs, chest cavity or internal body organs.
  • Control blood pressure in patients with mild or moderate hypertension.

Lasix 40 mg tablets remove water and salts (electrolytes) from the body. This effect helps reduce swelling, which often occurs in patients with liver, kidney or cardiovascular disease. Water pills also reduce the amount of fluid in the blood that leads to a decrease in blood pressure.

Lasix tablets contain 40 mg of the active substance Furosemide. This active substance exerts a potent diuretic effect only 60 minutes after the oral administration of one tablet. The duration of the diuretic effect is approximately 5 hours, yet it can continue for a longer time (up to 7-8 hours).

In pharmacies you can buy Lasix 40 mg pills, as well as pills of 20 mg or 80 mg. Usually, the use of Lasix 40 mg tablets can reduce swelling and blood pressure without the need to use tablets with the maximum or minimum strength.

The usual initial dose of Lasix for adults is:

  • One or two tablets of 40 mg once a day – for the treatment of edema.
  • One dose of 40 mg twice a day – to control blood pressure.
  • Half a tablet (20 mg) twice a day for the treatment of mild hypertension.

The daily dose for children depends on the severity of the disease, the age and weight of the patient. As a rule, a minimum single dose of 2 mg is used at the treatment beginning of elderly patients.

Depending on the tolerability and individual response, the initial daily dose of Lasix can be reduced or increased. The use of Lasix 40 mg tablets in combination with other antihypertensive agents can control blood pressure in a more effective way.

Patients, who use more than one antihypertensive agent, should be cautious. Lasix can interact with diuretics, glycosides, or any other drugs that affect blood pressure.

Before you buy Lasix 40 mg tablets, you can consult a pharmacist and learn about drug interactions. You can also learn information about possible side effects of this diuretic.

40 mg Lasix tablets have been available for sale for more than 50 years. The effects of this diuretic drug, including negative reactions, are well studied. Typically, side effects occur in patients who use more than two Lasix 40 mg tablets per day.

The most common side effects of Lasix are associated with electrolyte depletion. These can be excessive decrease in blood pressure, drowsiness, muscle weakness, flatulence, headache, excessive thirst, vomiting, sweating and loss of appetite.

If a Lasix 40 mg tablet is used for a long time in combination with a limited salt intake, the risk of these reactions increases. When the side effects of the drug are severe, the dosage should be adjusted.

Despite the risks of side effects, Lasix is ​​considered a safe diuretic drug. Therefore, it can be used for a long time and does not cause any noticeable side effects.

Lasix is ​​not a very expensive diuretic drug. However, the costs of treating hypertension or edema may increase, if you need to use the drug for a long time. There are two most effective ways to reduce such costs:

  • Buy Lasix 40mg pills online.
  • Use generic drugs.

Like most other diuretic drugs, Lasix is ​​sold in online pharmacies. Such pharmacies offer low prices and an understandable service, so people are ordering Lasix online increasingly often.

Almost all online pharmacies sell Lasix 40mg at low prices. Otherwise, people will simply stop making purchases. Consumers quickly find the best prices for Lasix 40 mg and only then order the diuretic drug.

Not all, but many local pharmacies sell Lasix at a relatively high price and people still buy this drug. Especially if there are no other pharmacies nearby and consumers have no possibility to compare prices.

Of course, online pharmacies do make a profit. Yet, the online pharmacies have large volumes of trade, which allows them to set a minimum percentage mark-up, deliver Lasix 40 mg tablets at the specified address and be sitting on profits.

The use of generic drugs is another way to save money. Prices for Lasix generics can be 30-60% less than those for the brand-name drug, especially if we search for such drugs in online pharmacies.

The term of the patent protection for Lasix expired in the last century. Today, any pharmaceutical company can perform a number of procedures and start producing tablets that contain 40 mg of Furosemide.

If you order generic Lasix 40mg online, they can look different and differ in shape, size or color. However, by law, they must be bioequivalent to branded diuretic drugs and meet the same standards of quality, efficiency and safety.